"Bringing elegance with simplicity"

Our DECO model spiral stair features multiple round tubes (lines) bent into a helix shape - all in horizontal lines below the handrail. This stair can be manufactured with 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 lines - while 5 lines or 7 lines are most popular.

The DECO stair is a welded, one-piece spiral which arrives at your location ready to install. If there are limitations to getting the stair into the building, we can splice (cut horizontally) the stair into 2 or more pieces to aid in installation.

If building codes apply, you will need a 7-line DECO with 1 1/2" rails, or a 7-line DECO with our EXCLUSIVE flat-plate or cover stringer. The cover stringer is exactly that: a 12" high band of metal that covers the tread ends and adds additional sleekness to an already shapely stair.

The standard tread design on the DECO is a smooth steel (12 gauge) but we offer checker plate, bar grate, wood covers, and more. The basic handrail is 1.5 inch O.D. steel tube, but we offer beautiful optional one piece wood handrails - available in pine, oak, cherry, maple and more. Matching balcony or well railing to match the stairs is available as well.

Sturdy, yet graceful, the spiral stair will be a focal point of any area. We see DECO models used in both interior and exterior applications, for both residential and industrial uses. The DECO spiral is especially appreciated in homes or businesses where a modern and graceful stair is desired.

A standard DECO model spiral is manufactured from steel, but is available in aluminum or stainless steel for applications where aesthetics dictate or where corrosion resistance and maintenance-free ownership is desired.

If building codes apply in your situation, or if you have young ones and pets in the house, we build stars which comply with (and exceed in many cases) the standards of BOCA, CABO, IBC, IRC, and other national codes. Additionally, we offer enhancements to these codes which may be required from your local building departments, including: latching gates, ADA complaint rails, and semi-closed risers.