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Wood Library Ladder

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Antique Brass
Upper Assemblyt

Antique Brass
Upper Assembly

Shelf Attachment
Roll Type Bracket

Raised Molding
Roll Type Bracket

Horizontal Roll Type

Vertical Roll Type
Bracket (L-Bracket)

Shelf Attachment
Hook Type Bracket

Raised Molding
Hook Type Bracket

Horizontal Hook Type

Vertical Hook Type


"Bringing elegance with simplicity"

Every custom-made library ladder is built specifically for you, to your exact dimensions. Our library ladders are designed with a safe and comfortable climbing angle of 17 degrees (be careful of library ladders which stand at a steeper angle � it really affects the comfort and safety of the person climbing the ladder). If less aisle space is available, a 12 degree climbing angle is available upon request.

Our library ladders are also designed with 4" of travel in the upper slide assembly to allow for uneven flooring and to allow then to be pushed in towards the wall (a little) for storage. NOTE: library ladders are designed to roll out of the way when not in use. Our standard design does not stow flush up against wall. However, Optional vertical storage available upon request.

And remember, library ladders are not just for libraries anymore! We see them in kitchens, pantries, wine cellars, stockrooms, and in home theaters for access to video/DVD collections.

For loft applications, we offer �loft style handrails� for more security. Rails can also be added to steel ladders.

Most library ladders are shipped with our custom designed roller assembly, which allows the ladders to roll smoothly back and forth across your track. We also offer a hook slide fixture which is designed for applications where the ladder needs to be moved and re-positioned.

NOTE: Hook type ladders not available for loft applications.

In order to get a quote using our on-line library ladder estimator, you will need to know a few key details:

  • track mounting height
  • length of track
  • straight ladder style or bent-top
  • type of finish desired (chrome, black or brass)
  • roll-top or hook-type fixtures
  • species of wood desired (red oak is standard)

These photos show the attention to detail and workmanship we build into all of our products. One design feature that we are very proud of are the smooth side rails � we countersink the tread screw holes and finish with wood plugs. We also build the ladders with recessed truss rod heads and nuts. What does all this mean? When you climb our ladder, as your hands grip the side rails and move up or down, you DO NOT feel any bolts or nuts sticking out to hinder your grip..

Better comfort + Better grip = Safer Climb!

Library ladders are available in many species of wood, including oak, maple, mahogany, cherry, and more. We also manufacture library ladders in metal � and we offer powder-coating as an optional finish.

Our library ladder is 16" wide, the treads measure 3/4" x 4 1/4", and the side rails measure 1 1/8" x 3 1/4".

The track we furnish is a 7/8� slotted steel tube. This slotted track is our standard track. It allows the installer to place the brackets to any position. Track lengths are listed below. Longer lengths are obtained by using a splice connector provided by us. We will provide two end brackets with every track order, and a intermediate bracket every 3 feet. Also, as an optional upgrade, we are the ONLY manufacturer to offer brackets welded to the track from the factory. Track is available in straight sections of any length (track needs support brackets approximately every 36� to 48�) and we also offer a variety of curved sections, available as needed.

Finish Maximum Track Length
Black 120 inches
Chrome 120 inches
Brass 60 inches
Antique Brass 60 inches
Brushed Nickel 120 inches

Our large diameter wheels roll freely and quietly. They are non-marking and resist chemicals, water, and steam. The treads are thermoplastic rubber (TPR) so they are softer and easier to roll than other rubber-tread wheels. They also provide a cushioned ride.

All fixtures and track are available in chrome plating, bright brass plating, antique brass plating, brushed nickel plating, or black e-coated finishes.

Please call us today at 1.800.422.3700 to discuss our complete line of rolling library ladders and how they can make your project truly spectacular!

Details & tools

Library Ladder Price Estimator - This calculator will assist you in getting a accurate idea of the price of a custom library ladder based off of your exacting specifications.

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